Bells sells two 429s to NAS


Bell has sold two 429s to Japan’s Nakanihon Air Service (NAS).

The two helicopters will be used for helicopter emergency medical services (HEMS) and will transport doctors and nurses to emergency sites along with medical equipment.

The utility helicopter operator has operated out of the Nagoya Airfield in Aichi Prefecture for 65 years. It flies charter flights, medevac, aerial survey and photography.

NAS chose the Bell 429 for its smooth flight and customisation. Yoshiaki Ogino, NAS head of pilot training department, said: “Some of my colleagues said, ‘Bell 429 realizes very smooth flight and passengers feel almost no vibration,’ and ‘It is much more comfortable compared with the other Bell helicopters we have had’. Comments from pilots are quite important because they have a lot of experience with helicopter operation.”

Last year, Bell delivered its 20th Bell 429 to Heliand, an Andorra-based operator. The hand-over took place at Bell’s Prague facility.

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