Honeywell to debut VTOL turbo-engine at Heli-Expo


Honeywell will be debuting a new hybrid-electric turbo-generator engine at HAI Heli-Expo in Atlanta next month.

The aircraft-parts manufacturer is presenting the engine as part of its push to develop hybrid-electric propulsion systems for the emerging urban air-mobility market.

The hybrid-electric engine is a variant of Honeywell’s proven HTS900 engine with two high-power density generators which provide 200 kilowatts each – the combined power is enough to power approximately 40 US homes. The engine burns jet biofuel and feeds either motors or high-capacity batteries.

The new engine will be on display from 5-7 March at Honeywell’s booth C3107 at Heli Expo.

Bryan Wood, senior director of Honeywell’s hybrid-electric and electric propulsion programs said: “This redefines powered flight by providing electricity to spare in a safe, light package built for aviation.

“As the urban air mobility segment grows, Honeywell is providing safe, reliable propulsion solutions as well as a host of other aviation technologies that are ready to install today on next-generation vehicles.”

Incorporating batteries and multiple motors in aircraft allows certain motors to be turned off to exclusively power vertical or horizontal flight – allowing for greater efficiency.

This follows on from Honeywell’s announcement in January of its collaboration with Slovenian aircraft manufacturer Pipistrel to develop engines and flight systems for eVTOL aircraft.

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