HAI CEO Matt Zuccaro steps down


Matt Zuccaro has stepped down as CEO and president of the world’s largest helicopter organisation, Helicopter Association International (HAI).

James Viola, former director of general aviation safety assurance for the FAA, is replacing him in the role today. Zuccaro has served as CEO and president for 15 years, having taken up the role in November 2005.

“My tenure as president and CEO of HAI has been the highlight of my working life,” Zuccaro explains in an open letter. “Leading this association offered me the opportunity to pay back the industry that has provided me with a rewarding and fulfilling career.,”

Zuccaro announced his intention to retire in a letter last June; identifying his retirement date as 30th June 2020. This coincided with the end of HAI’s fiscal year and the appointment of a new board.

Throughout his career, Zuccaro has held several management positions within commercial, corporate, air-tour, airline and public-service helicopter flights. He received his initial helicopter flight training in the US Army.

“If I learned anything during my time at HAI, it was that those in the helicopter industry are survivors. The diversity of the aircraft and the people bodes well for our ability to sustain a high level of safety, operational efficiency, and economic viability.”

Following his retirement, Zuccaro will take up the role of an independent industry consultant.  “I’m looking forward to continuing this fantastic ride, just at a slower speed,” Zuccaro’s latest letter concludes.

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