Babcock International France Aviation gains EMAR/FR 145 approval


Babcock International France Aviation has received a new certification in aircraft maintenance from the French government’s Directorate of State Aviation Safety (DSAé) .

The company has been awarded the Certificate of Accreditation EMAR/FR 145 for the maintenance in operational condition of helicopters for the French government at Cannet-des-Maures in the Var region of south east France.

The certification followed a series of audits conducted by the DSAé audit manager certifying Babcock International France Aviation’s expertise in aircraft maintenance.

The company said it was taking a new step in the development of its state aircraft support activities in the military fleet market and aimed to submit further tenders for business.

Babcock International France Aviation runs aerial emergency medical services (EMS) operations and has an 11-year contract with the French Air Force (FAF) for their F-Air-21 military flying training programme. Operating from 28 bases across the country, the company owns and maintains a fleet of 35 specialist EMS aircraft and provides a full service to customers, including the provision of specialist medial air crews and aircraft engineers.