Luxaviation Group is boosting its hygiene and safety standards with the launch of a new programme developed by its company FlySkills together with the risk assessment and certification business Socotec.

The FlySkills Hygiene Certification (FHC) Programme aims to implement the highest hygiene and safety standards across operators and FBOs. Luxaviation Group operators and ExecuJet FBOs are the pioneering and launching customers to gain this new accreditation,” according to the company. The programme is available to all FBOs, aircraft operators and owners enabling them to demonstrate defined and accredited hygiene standards have been implemented and are regularly audited for compliance.

FlySkills MD Georges Disewiscourt said: “FlySkills will not only provide FBOs and aircraft operators with sanitisation procedures but also, through our Certification Programme, allows these businesses to demonstrate and promote their commitment towards excellence for passenger hygiene considerations.”

The hygiene procedures will be validated by Socotec and will enable any participating FBO, operator or aircraft owner to be listed in the FlySkills’ certification database. The listing will be available to charter brokers and dispatch departments and related business-to-consumer and business-to-business platforms, allowing them to choose suppliers at any location that meet the hygiene protocols.

‘Minimise the risk of exposure’

“FlySkills accredited organisations are certified to minimise the risk of exposure of their aircraft owners and charter customers to Covid-19 and other such communicable diseases,” according to Luxaviation.

Aircraft owners will also be able to demonstrate the achievement of the highest hygiene standards to their families, passengers, crew and staff through FlySkills Aircraft Hygiene Certification (FHC) programme.

In the post-Covid-19 world, social distancing and hygiene precautions are here to stay in one form or another, according to FlySkills. “In the same way that passengers will demand that their aircraft is a safe and hygienic environment, they will also expect and demand that their journey between their aircraft and connecting transport is just as safe. Of course, every FBO will claim that they have implemented hygiene precautions and are safe places – but how do your clients know that your standards are as good as you claim?,” asks FlySkills.

‘A competitive edge’

“This is where the Flyskills Hygiene Certification Programme comes in – it gives you the ability to demonstrate objectively that you are achieving the very highest standards in the industry, not only giving your clients peace of mind but also giving you a competitive edge in the marketplace,” it claims.

FlySkills said it was continuing to work with companies to develop an innovative equipment suite to further expand the scope of service.

Meanwhile, Socotec operates in the fields of risk management, compliance, security, health and of the environment in equipment, construction, infrastructures and industry.

FlySkills Hygiene Certification aims to implement the highest hygiene and safety standards.