Blade to allow only double-jabbed passengers from September 7th


Blade Urban Air Mobility will accept only fully vaccinated passengers  from September 7th. CEO Rob Wiesenthal said they would need to present a self-certification and may need to show proof before boarding.

The helicopter operator is one of the first aviation-related services to require this status. However, restaurants and other establishments in cities such as New York and Los Angeles also require at least one vaccination to enter. Museums in New York City require proof of vaccination upon entry as well.

“If it’s required at a restaurant where you are sitting at a table with people you know, it would make sense that vaccinations should be required when you are sitting directly next to someone you don’t know on a commercial flight,” Wiesenthal said.

Blade’s policy currently excludes flights originating in Florida, which has banned vaccine mandates.

In the UK, operators such as Halo Aviation continue to follow government guidelines. CEO Will Fanshawe told Helicopter Investor: “If you are travelling as a group of people in a bubble, you don’t have to wear masks. But if it’s a mixed group – which is unusual – or you’re flying with work, then we are suggesting that people wear masks.” 

Halo’s helicopters have been following protocols including screens between the cabin and the cockpit as well as all other Covid measures. Fanshawe said: “It’s a private space at the back of the aircraft which limits the interaction already.”

Halo’s fleet is for private hire, unlike Blade’s which allows passengers to book single seats. Fanshawe said it was unlikely other UK operators would require passengers’ vaccination status. “I don’t think other operators are looking at doing that,” he told Helicopter Investor.