Luxaviation and Thien Minh partner in Vietnam


Helicopter and fixed wing operator Luxaviation Group has agreed a partnership with Thien Minh Group (TMG) and its subsidiary Hai Au Aviation (HAA), the largest business jet operator in Vietnam.

The two companies will exchange expertise in aviation, travel and hospitality services, paving the way for potential further collaborations in future. Luxaviation will support TMG, HAA and other subsidiaries with operational capability, networks and relationships with aviation authorities.

TMG and its subsidiaries will support Luxaviation with IT, digital marketing and flight operations. The deal sets out Luxaviation’s intention to help HAA in selling aircraft block hours through its distribution channels and to support TMG in building relationships with key financial institutions and decision-makers. Luxaviation will also consider using TMG and subsidiaries’ services, given their experience in travel, hospitality, online booking and aviation.

Patrick Hansen, CEO, Luxaviation said the agreement underlines the firm’s strategy to work together with local partners to accelerate geographic expansion. “We are impressed by TMG’s extensive experience in the travel and hospitality sector and we are certain that we can continue to grow together in this market,” said Hansen. “TMG’s expertise will be an incredible asset for Luxaviation Group as we intend to develop our global footprint.”

Tran Trong Kien, CEO, Thien Minh Group said the partnership will combine the expertise of the two companies to grow Hai Au Aviation’s offering. “The Thien Minh Group has been working in the travel and hospitality sector for almost three decades and are delighted at the prospect of working with a fellow established group such as Luxaviation, he said.

Above: Patrick Hansen said: “TMG’s expertise will be an incredible asset for Luxaviation Group ….”.

Top: Tran Trong Kien, Thien Minh Group said the partnership will help to grow Hai Au Aviation’s offering.