Robinson R-66: Buyer’s and Investor’s Guide

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Robinson R66 Turbine flying

The Robinson R-66 is a five-seat helicopter, developed from the smaller Robinson R-44. It is the first Robinson with a separate cargo hold. The FAA has certified floats for the R66 and this version is designated the R66 Turbine Marine.

Missions: Aerial Law Enforcement, VIP, Corporate

First Delivery: November 2010

Fleet: Over 500

Category: Single turbine


Max speed (Vne): 140 kts (161 mph, 259 kmh)

Max Cruise (Vh): 120 kts (138 mph, 222kts)

Max Range: 375 miles (601 kms)


Loaded weight: 2,700 lbs (1,225 kg)

Empty weight: 1,280 lbs (581 kg)

Passengers: 4 passengers, 1 pilot