MD Helicopters MD Explorer:

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MD902 Explorer of Gulf Helicopters in the static display at the Dubai Air Show 2013

MD Helicopters MD Explorer is the largest aircraft built by the US based company.

The light utility twin helicopter was designed in the 1990s by the McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Systems. The helicopter was originally built as the MD900 Explorer and there is now an upgraded model in production, the MD902 Explorer.

The MD Explorer is a twin engined helicopter with No Tail Rotor (NOTAR). The helicopter is used in many utility roles including air ambulance and by police and civil security authorities. The helicopter is powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW207E engines.

The FAA certified the Explorer helicopter on the 2 December 1994.

MD Helicopters is a Lynn Tilton company based in Mesa, Arizona in the US.

Mission: Corporate, Aerial Law Enforcement, VIP

First Flight:  18 December 1992

Category: Twin Utility


Max speed (Vne): 140 knots (161 mph/269 kmh)

Max cruise (Vh): 134 knots (154 mph/248 kmh)

Max range: 337 nautical miles (542 kms)


Max take-off gross weight: 6,250 lb (2,835 kg) internal load: 6,900 lb (3,129 kg) slung load

Empty weight: 3.375 lb (1,531 kg)

Passengers: 6 (2 crew)