Russian Helicopter Ka-32: Buyer’s and Investor’s Guide

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Russian Helicopters KA-32A11BC of Helicargo

The civilian Ka-32 is based on the Ka-27 ‘Helix’ helicopter built for the Russian military. The most common version seen in Europe will be the Ka-32A11BC used for fire-fighting using an external Bambi bucket in Spain and Portugal. Being a coaxial powered helicopter there is no need for a tail rotor.

Missions: Search and Rescue, Security, Oil & Gas , EMS, unusual loads, logging, medevac and fire-fighting

First Flight: 24 December 1973 (as Ka-27), 1980 (as Ka-32)

World fleet: 267 (all variants)

Category: Twin-engine


Maximum speed (Vne):  260 kmh

Maximum cruise speed (Vh): 245 kmh

Maximum range: 650 kms


Maximum take-off gross weight: 11,000 kg/12,700 kg (with underslung external cargo)

Empty weight:  6,500 kg

Loaded weight:  11,000 kg

Passengers (crew): 13 (1-2)