Market analysis: Bristow vs CHC vs Era


The Bell 525 Relentless will be capable of offshore missions when it enters service in 2015.

You can broadly speaking split the helicopter operators that serve the oil and gas industry into local and international operators. Although joint ventures between local and international operators can complicate this.

The best know international operators are Bristow and CHC, with Era Group probably the third most global. However, although there are similarities between the size of the companies the charts below show they have very different strategies.

Although CHC is strongly associated with Canada and Bristow is seen as a US company, most of their business actually comes from the North Sea, between the UK and Scandinavia.

Era Group, which is headquartered in the Houston, Texas, is the only one of three operators with most of its helicopter operations in the US.

Note: Era Group’s geographic split has been estimated by Helicopter Investor.

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