Weststar reveals new partnership to grow services in Europe and Africa


Weststar Aviation has revealed a new partnerhip with Paris-based Avico Group and African-headquartered Westair Aviation to grow its business via its European affiliate, Weststar NDD Srl.

The partnership with Avico and Westair involves the joint venture business Helicopter & Cooperation (H&C). Under the terms of the dealt, H&C will hold a controlling equity interest, while Weststar Aviation Services will continue as partner in Weststar NDD Srl’s development with no changes to the management of WNDD and its EASA structure.

Malaysian-based helicopter operator Weststar Aviation Services operates offshore helicopter transportation, medevac, search-and rescue (SAR) and general aviation services. It also provides AW139 helicopters to the Royal Malaysian Airforce (RMAF) programme known as Government Operate, Company Owned and Maintained Concept (GOCOM).

The new partnership aims to widen the services offered and strengthen Weststar NDD’s position in Europe and Africa. The business will focus will on providing mission-critical services in the oil and gas industry, SAR and emergency medical services (EMS) sectors. “This partnership is well-positioned to capitalise on the significant growth opportunities in the industry and create new synergies with fixed-wing aircraft operations to serve better customer needs,” according to Westar.

Tan Sri Syed Azman Syed Ibrahim, founder and chairman, Weststar Aviation Services said: “We are optimistic that with Avico and Westair’s established client base and access to exceptional growth prospects in these regions, we can capture a significant share of this growing market.”

Mourad Majoul, founder and chairman, Avico Group added: “This new partnership we are creating with Weststar and Westair will bring a real added value to customers of our three groups: dedicated helicopter and airplane solutions can be deployed with the best safety and quality standards, thanks to the expertise and commitment of our joined teams.”

Above: Ready for action – the crew prepare for a mission in a Weststar helicopter.

Top: A Westar Leonardo AW189 helicopter engaged on an offshore mission.