LCI Analytics spots $37.5bn in offshore floating platform FID values


LCI Analytics calculates the value of floating platform projects with a final investment decision this year as $37.46bn.

The value of floating platform projects with a final investment decision (FID) expected this year is $37.46bn, according to LCI Analytics, the recently-launched market intelligence service of operating lessor LCI.

“These projects are typically a key driver for offshore helicopter activity with the floating platforms having an operating life of between seven and 40 years …”, said LCI Analytics. Offshore transfers involves hundreds of staff with platform teams on offshore production systems normally changing by helicopter every two to three weeks, depending on schedules.

“This forms the backbone of offshore helicopter activity for floating platform projects,” it said. “Helicopters are also used to support mobile drilling rigs and construction and support vessels.”

The projects are categorised as: Floating liquified natural gas (FLNG), Floating production storage and offloading (FPSO), Floating production semi-submersible (FPSS), Floating storage and offloading (FSO) and Mobile oil production unit (MOPU). FPSO accounts for the bulk of floating platform FID values, as shown in the table below. FLING accounts for the second highest total.

The data includes all prospective projects with a final investment decision expected this year. But LCI Analytics cautions it is unlikely that all the projects will be approved, as some are often delayed.

LCI Analytics says it has developed proprietary models to predict helicopter demand based on key platform parameters. These include: distance from shore, passengers on board, crew change cycles and helideck weight restrictions.

Launched earlier this year, the service is focusing on mission critical rotorcraft and advanced air mobility (AAM) operations covering sectors such as energy, search and rescue (SAR) and emergency medical services (EMS).  LCI Analytics is led by its MD, Steve Robertson.

Source: LCI Analytics.

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