Eurocopter Canada confirms sale of three helicopters


Capitale Hélicoptère has taken delivery of three helicopters, an EC130 B4, an AS350 B2 and AS350 B3

Eurocopter Canada and Capitale HelicoptersEurocopter Canada (ECL) has announced the
delivery of three helicopters to Capitale Hélicoptère, the company will have a
total of 11 Eurocopter aircraft consisting of 5 AS350 B2’s, 3 EC130 B4’s, 2
AS350 B3’s and 1 EC120 B.

“We are enthusiastic about continuing to
assist Capitale Hélicoptère grow as an industry leader with the recent purchase
of the EC130 B4, AS350 B2 and AS350 B3,” said Guy Joannes, president
and chief executive, ECL. “We look forward to making a positive contribution to
Capitale Hélicoptère’s quality-driven fleet.”

“Safety resulting from good customer service
is not only a top priority for us, but key to our company’s success,” said
M. Danny Ricard, president, Capitale Hélicoptère. “Purchasing quality
aircraft satisfies our customers and helps us reach our goals for advancement
in the industry. The EC130 B4, AS350 B2 and AS350 B3 are welcome additions to
our fleet and we look forward to utilizing the aircraft for various types of
charter missions.”

left to right; Guillaume Leprince, vice president sales and marketing
Eurocopter Canada, Stéphan Huot, president Capitale Helipro and Danny Ricard, president  Capitale Hélicoptère

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