50 years of the Moroccan Royal Gendarmerie


Company recognise 50 years of operating Eurocopter helicopters

Eurocopter and Moroccan Royal GendarmerieEurocopter has recognised 50
years of operating helicopters at a ceremony at the recent Marrakesh Air Show.

The Moroccan Royal
Gendarmerie Air Squadron operates a fleet of Eurocopter aircraft that covers
the company’s product range, with an inventory including SA3130 Alouette II,
SA315 Lama, SA316 Alouette III, SA342 Gazelle, SA330 Puma, AS355 Ecureuil,
AS550 Fennec, EC135, EC145, EC225, EC332 Super Puma and AS365 Dauphin.

Duties performed by this
fleet range from search and rescue, medical airlift and anti-crime missions to VIP
transport and firefighting.

“The Moroccan Royal
Gendarmerie is an example of world-class excellence in helicopter operations,
and it is highly appropriate that we honor 50 years of service with its diverse
Eurocopter fleet,” said Loïc Porcheron, Eurocopter’s vice president for Middle
East and Africa.

Presentation of the
commemorative Eurocopter plaque was made at the show to Col. Maj.
Lahcen Beraoud, who received it on behalf of general four stars commanding
officer of the Moroccan Royal Gendarmerie.


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