Sherpa climber rescued from Everest camp by helicopter


Fishtail Air use two AS350 B3 helicopters to transfer an injured sherpa to hospital in Kathmandu

Fishtail Air has rescued an
injured sherpa who was with a group of nine climbers. The injured man, Lhakpa
Nuru Sherpa was taken to Everest camp 3 and was carried down the mountain to
camp 2 by other sherpas.

The company used two
helicopters to get him to hospital in Kathmandu.
The first AS350 B3 flew from camp 2 to Lukla and the second AS350 B3 flew from
Lukla to Kathmandu, on the second flight Lhakpa Nuru Sherpa
was accompanied with his wife. Immediately upon arrival at Kathmandu
he was transferred to an ambulance and taken to the Blue Cross hospital for
medical attention.


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