New era for University of Michigan Health System


Eurocopter EC155 helicopter being phased in to health system

Eurocopter EC155Three new Eurocopter EC155
helicopters are being phased in to the University of Michigan Health
System’s Survival Flight programme, which will allow the medical flight service
to travel further, faster and with less noise during its life-saving

These rotary-wing aircraft –
the first of which entered service this month, are the first EC155s for
emergency medical operations in the United States
and are replacing a fleet of three Bell
430 helicopters. Their five-blade main rotors and shrouded Fenestron tail
rotors reduce vibration and noise for a smooth ride at high speeds, while the
aircraft’s much shorter warm-up time and faster cruising speed shave critical
minutes from both ends of flight.

Another key advantage of the
EC155s is their 500-mile range, which will allow Survival Flight to fly them as
far as Syracuse, New York
or Louisville, Kentucky without refueling. The helicopters also
have clearance to fly to Canada,
and can reach Toronto
and beyond.