Sikorsky begins delivery of record S-92 order


Sikorsky announced the delivery of the first of sixteen S-92 helicopters to the Avincis Group.

                             Sikorsky S92 Norsk Helikopters
Sikorsky announced the delivery of the first of sixteen S-92 helicopters to the Avincis Group.

Avincis will use the new helicopters to provide transportation for its customers’ offshore oil and gas crews and for search and rescue.  The aircraft order announced in February 2012 is the largest single purchase of S-92 helicopters to date.

The aircraft, which will go first to Norway before being deployed in the UK North Sea sector, was accepted last weekend at SGH’s facility in Coatesville, by Bjorn Seljevold, managing director of Norsk Helikopterservice.  Avincis’ subsidiaries operate under the Bond (UK, Norway, Ireland and Australia), Norsk Helikopterservice (Norway), Inaer (Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Chile and Peru) and Australian Helicopters brands.

“We’re proud to have Avincis as a customer and to provide them with a proven and reliable helicopter with a very high availability rate.  Avincis has established a global reputation as a company committed to safety and performing vital life-saving missions – a culture and a priority that our two companies share,” said Carey Bond, president of Sikorsky Global Helicopters.  “We look forward to all sixteen S-92 aircraft entering the Avincis’ fleet.”

Avincis CEO James Drummond said: “I am delighted to see the delivery of the first of this important addition to our fleet.  Avincis’ global scale allows us to ensure our local companies have access to the best resources for their customers.  Every day, lives and livelihoods depend on the operations we fly.  The size and diversity of our fleet, together with our absolute commitment to safety and quality, means we are equipped to save lives, protect the environment and provide energy services across the world.”

Milestone Aviation Group, a world leader in helicopter leasing and a valued Sikorsky customer, is financing the first four of the 16 S-92 aircraft order.  Richard Santulli, chairman of Milestone, said, “We are thrilled to continue our partnership with Avincis and support the growth of their business with the addition of the S-92 to their fleet. This great aircraft will allow Avincis, a world-class operator, to offer even more options to their customers all over the world.”

Photograph: Bjorn Seljevold, managing director and chairman of Norsk Helikopterservice, speaks at the S-92 delivery ceremony in Coatesville. Behind him on stage are (left to right) Sikorsky executives Brad Arnold, Dorith Hakim and Dan Hunter and Milestone technical director Ken Tapping

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