Wysong delivers first of three Bell 407GXs to Med-Trans Corporation


Bell 407GX

Wysong Enterprises delivered a Bell 407GX helicopter to the Med-Trans Corporation prior to the Air Medical Transport Conference.

This is the first Bell 407GX to arrive in Med-Trans fleet in the US. Med-Trans is one of the world’s largest operators of Bell 407s with approximately 40 in operation.

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Rodney Wysong, vice president of Wysong Enterprises, says: “We have worked on numerous aircraft for Med-Trans in the past five years. This is the first of three 407GX aircraft that we will be completing for Med-Trans by the end of 2014. In the past five years we have completed more than 20 new Bell 407s for various EMS operators.”

Wysong customised the interior fitting with EMS equipment and avionics. The company also completed some airframe modifications and painting the exterior of the aircraft.

Reid Vogel, Med-Trans director of marketing and public relations, says: “This newly completed aircraft from Wysong will be a great addition to our fleet and we look forward to receiving the next two. Wysong has worked on completing new aircraft and also modifying existing aircraft for us for years. The addition of these aircraft will bring our fleet total to 68 aircraft across 57 programmes in the US. At Med-Trans we continue to update technology and equipment in order to continually fulfill our mission to continually improve the lives of those we serve.”