Metro Aviation delivers EC135 to State Police


Airbus Helicopters EC135

Metro Aviation has delivered the fourth EC135 to the Massachusetts State Police.

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Lt. Robert Smith, Unit Commander, says: “Metro Aviation has integrated the FLIR, Aerocomputers, Helinet downlink and L-3 DVR to assist our crews supporting our public safety mission.”

The Air Wing responds to more than 1,900 mission requests each year.

Milton Geltz, managing director of Metro Aviation, adds: “Working with the Massachusetts State Police has been a true pleasure. They were very specific on the needs and specifications for their mission profile. The collaborative efforts resulted in a highly sophisticated, adaptable and manageable tool to perform the complex business of airborne surveillance.”

Metro Aviation is based in Shreveport, Louisiana and completes about 35 aircraft each year.

Metro made a short video celebrating the handover of the milestone EC135 helicopter to CALSTAR.