Erickson wins Mexican pipeline contract


SikorskY S-64E Aircrane

Erickson Incorporated has won a contract to build a 329 mile gas line in Mexico. The project is being run by Group Desarrollo Infaestructura for Transportadora de Gas del Noreste, a subsidiary of Transcanada Corporation.

Erickson is contracted to use the Sikorsky S-64E Aircrane to move more than 1,000 natural gas pipeline segments to complete the project. This project is a first for Erickson within the construction services market in Mexico.

Jeff Roberts, president and CEO of Erickson, said: “This is a high priority project for the City of Los Mochis, to help build infrastructure in austere and rugged locations. We are providing an ecological solution when roadways aren’t available and the area is difficult to navigate by land. The aircrane is very nimble in the air and our crews are a fast and affordable solution for rural infrastructure projects.”

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The terrain surrounding the project is mountainous with minimal ground access. Using the S-64E Aircrane will complete the project as segments can be airlifted to multiple sites along the pipeline and avoids road construction.

The project is due to be completed early in Q2.

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