EASA approves automatic rig approaches for Airbus H225


Airbus Helicopters Photo

EASA has approved an avionics enhancement on the Airbus H225. The modification is designed to provide automatic rig approaches for offshore operations.

The Rig N Fly (Rig Integrated GPS approaches with eNhanced FLy-ability and safetY) solution will also be implemented on the H160 and H175. Airbus says it reduces pilot workload.

Rig N Fly uses a combination of sensors including GPS, barometric altimeter, radar altimeter and weather radar to provide enhanced flight precision and situational awareness for automatic VMC and IMC rig approaches.

The new mode also includes offset approaches, which can be tailored according to weather conditions and oil rig environment for the safest, standardized approach.

“With the Rig N Fly, almost the entire approach procedure is automated, a key element in ensuring that our customers have the right technologies for safe, smooth and efficient flights.” said Marie-Agnes Veve, head of Super Puma and H225 programmes

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