FlightSafety S-76 simulator in Singapore now Level-D qualfied


Sikorsky S-76C++ of China Southern Airlines

FlightSafety has announced that its Sikorsky S-76C+ and S-76C++ simulator in Singapore has been qualified to Level D by the FAA the highest level of FFS qualification currently available. Aditionally, the facility has been approved to provide FAA PART 142 training under the FlightSafety certificate.

Daniel MacLellan, Senior VP of Operations said

“We are pleased to announce that training for the Sikorsky S-76C+ and S-76C++ is now underway in Singapore. The Level D qualification of the simulator and PART 142 approval of the Learning Center demonstrates FlightSafety’s ability to meet the most stringent standards and provide the highest quality training programs using advanced technology simulators.”

This new FlightSafety FS1000 simulator is equipped with the Vital 1100 visual system, CrewView collimated glass mirror display, and electric motion control loading and cueing.