Sikorsky S-92A: Buyer’s and Investor’s Guide

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Sikorsky's S92A can be used for a range of missions including: Search and Rescue, Offshore, Executive, Airline and EMS
The Sikorsky S92A is a variant of the S70 helicopter family. The Sikorsky S92 Superhawk helicopter can carry up to 22 troops in the military variant.


The Sikorsky S-92A is a variant of the S-70 helicopter family. In March 2016, Sikorsky announced that they had introduced a new variant, the S-92 GWE. The MTOW is increased from 26,500 lbs to 27,700 lbs.
Sikorsky S-92

Sikorsky S-92


Missions: Search and Rescue, Offshore, Executive, Airline, EMS

First delivery:  2004

World fleet: 151 (as at December 2011)

Category: Twin Engine

List price: Approx $32m


Maximum speed (Vne): 165 kts 306 km/hr

Maximum cruise speed (Vh): 151 kts 280 km/hr

Service ceiling: 14,000 ft 4,270 m

Long Range Cruise Speed/Range: 539 nm/999 km (no reserve)


Maximum takeoff gross weight: 26,500 lb 12,020 kg

Empty weight: 15,500 lb 7,030 kg

Passengers (crew): Up to 19 (two pilots)


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