Helicopter Investor London 2023 Agenda

Tuesday 21st March

18.00 Pre-conference cocktail hosted by The Milestone Aviation Group

Wednesday 22nd March – Day 1

09.00 Refreshments and Registration

09.30 Opening Remarks

09.35 Keynote: European Helicopter Association – Some thoughts on our industry
Christian Mueller, EHA

09.55 Is Helicopter leasing now a mature market?
What will the next five years look like?
Does helicopter leasing naturally fit with commercial aircraft
Will we see new capital enter the market
Moderator: Alasdair Whyte, Helicopter Investor
John Petkovic, Macquarie Rotorcraft
Crispin Maunder, LCI
Michael York, The Milestone Aviation Group

10.35 Helicopter markets on and offshore: the prospects for growth
Helicopter supply and demand
How are helicopters being utilised?
Is the offshore boom back?
Moderator: Mike Stones, Helicopter Investor
Steve Robertson, Air and Sea Analytics
Sara Dhariwal, Ascend by Cirium
Jeremy Parkin, Parapex Media

11.15 Morning Coffee hosted by The Milestone Aviation Group

11.35 Has the death of offshore missions been exaggerated
Are we seeing more than green shoots
Is the balance shifting between operators and customers?
Can financiers influence negotiations
Moderator: Robert Van de Vuurst, Baker Donelson
Keith Mullett, PHI International
Sebastien Moulin, The Milestone Aviation Group
Jeffrey Juergens, Sikorsky
Roberto Garavaglia, Leonardo Helicopters

12.15 Fireside Chat: Helicopters & ESG
What can the industry do?
Who should drive change?
Jaspal Jandu, LCI
Michael Halaby, MUFG Bank 

12.35 Money, Money, Money
Have lender attitudes changed?
Helicopters and bank ESG policies
Moderator: Mike Stones, Helicopter Investor
Thato Matsha, Investec
Alan O’Rouke, LCI
Camille Brunel, RIVE Private Investment

13.15 Lunch hosted by Leonardo Helicopters

14.35 State of the market
What is hot and what will be?
Emmanuel Dupuy, Aero Asset

 14.55 Face Value
Are economic lives changing
Moderator: Owen Geach, IBA
David Crick, DavAir Group

Gerard Deterne, Pteron Valuations
Jason Kmiecik, HeliValue$

15.35 Are we getting closer to zero accidents?
Making operations safer
What can other operators learn from offshore
Tim Rolfe, HeliOffshore

 15.55 MRO, technology and maintenance
How to manage supply chain issues
How can data help
The rise of preventative maintenance
How to cope with capacity
Moderator: Alastair Fallon, Fly Fast Further First
Joe Hawke, Uniflight Global
Kieran Hannan, The Milestone Aviation Group
Carolyn Forsyth, Heli-One
Ismael Rhissa Zakary, Pratt & Whitney Canada

16.35 Afternoon Tea hosted by the Milestone Aviation Group

16.55 How important is SAF to the helicopter industry
Does demand match supply?
How important is 2023 for uptake
Jean Souetre, Safran Helicopter Engines
Laura Bowden, Air bp

17.35 The McGinn-ing of the end
Is the up-cycle starting again?
Is it too early to get excited?
Clark McGinn, Uplifting Advice

17.55 Closing Remarks

18.00 Dealmakers Reception hosted by Aero Asset

Thursday 23rd March – Day 2

09.00 Refreshments and Registration

09.30 Opening Remarks

09.35 Rotary Leasing 2023
Looking beyond oil and gas
How easy is it to find investors and lenders?
Moderator: Jim Janaitis, Baker Donelson
Marc Schechter, Thora Capital
Dan Roberts, Lobo Leasing
Olivier Piot, Nova Capital

10.15 The changing market
Is this the start of a new cycle
Growing SAR
Why Helicopter operators should lead the electric vertical aircraft revolution.
Chris Bradshaw, Bristow Group

10.35 Is consolidation here to stay
Will 2023 follow 2022’s lead?
Does the industry need more operator M&A
Is this bigger than Oil & Gas
Moderator: Mike Stones, Helicopter Investor
Oliver Althoff, Seabury Corporate Finance
Clark McGinn, Up-Lifting Aviation

11.15 Morning Coffee hosted by Baker Donelson

11.35 Fireside chat: How BLADE has diversified
Melissa Tomkiel, BLADE Air Mobility

12.15 Let it blow – Offshore wind
How much demand is there for helicopters?
Helicopters versus marine transport
Moderator: Steve Robertson, Air and Sea Analytics
Regis Magnac, Airbus Helicopters
Lee Harris, Vattenfall
Bernd Brucherseifer, HTM

12.45 Fireside chat: Can heavy-weight VTOLs be electrified?
Freshta Farzam, LYTE Aviation

13.05 Lunch hosted by LCI

14.25 Orders and Progress; The Brazil helicopter market
Will Brazil’s South American dominance continue?
Onshore versus offshore operations
Joao Paulo Servera, Veirano Advogatos
Eric Bailleul, Rotortrade
Aoife Considine, CHC

15.05 Elroy Air – rethinking cargo
Big delivery drones for same-day shipping everywhere
Grant Newman, Elroy Air

15.25 Growing through a boom – lessons for electric vertical aircraft
Looking back at the helicopter leasing boom
Can you avoid bandwagons when everyone is jumping on them
The risks with aviation – regulation, safety and why it is really different
Ed Washecka, RACE Aviation Partners

15.45 Is the future electric? Helicopters versus electric vertical aircraft
Which is the future
Is there room for both?
Moderator: Frank Liemandt, European Rotors
Jean-Marc Youkhana, Uplifting Aviation
Nigel Leishman, LCI
Tim Chun-hing Li, Ascend by Cirium
Richard Brown, Sophrodyne Aerospace

16.30 Afternoon Refreshments hosted by Baker Donelson