Airbus Helicopters EC135 T3 in the Italian Dolomites


Airbus Helicopter EC135 T3

Airbus Helicopters EC135 T3/P3 performs a three-day demostration tour of the Italian Dolomites.

The new Airbus Helicopters EC135 helicopter conducted tests in the Italian Dolomites demostrating its ability to operate in high and hot conditions.

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Operating from Helicopters Italia base near the city of Trento, the helicopter conducted 14 customer and operator flights.

The EC135 T3/P3 benefits from an improved flight envelope, especially in the hot-and-high conditions inte Alps as well as CAT A and single engine performance. In addition to an enlarged rate of climb at sea level, the EC135 T3/P3 also offers an increased maximum-take-off-weight of 2,980 kg.

More than 1,100 EC135s are in service worldwide.. The helicopter is used by the police, emergency medical services, oil & gas operations, corporate and VIP transportation.