Airbus Helicopters AS355 NP Twin Squirrel: Buyer’s and Investor’s Guide

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Airbus Helicopters AS355 NP

The Airbu Helicopters AS355 NP Twin Squirrel is developed from the AS350 Squirrel and is known as the AS355 Twin Star in the US. The As355 NP is the latest version of the As355, following on from the AS355 F2. This AS355 NP version can be fitted as either VFR or IFR variants, dependent on avionics and equipment on board.

Missions: Airborne Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue, Offshore, Executive, EMS

First delivery: 1980

Category:  Twin Engine

List price: Approx $2.9m for AS355 NP VFR and approx $3.6m for AS355 NP IFR


Maximum speed (Vne): 150 kts 278 km/hr

Maximum/Fast cruise speed (Vh): 120 kts 222 km/hr

Hover ceiling, In-Ground Effect (TOP): 8,560 ft 2,609 m

Hover ceiling, Out-of-Ground Effect (TOP): 2,185 ft 665 m

Service ceiling: 11,150 ft 3,400 m

Maximum Range: 386 nm/716 km (no reserve)


Maximum takeoff weight: 5,732 lb 2,600 kg

Empty weight: 2,877 lb 1,305 kg

Useful load: 2,564 lb 1,163 kg

Passengers (crew): Six (one pilot)