Bell 525 Relentless: Buyer’s and Investor’s Guide

Helicopter Guide

A mock-up of the Bell 525 Relentless photographed at the 2012 Farnborough Airshow.

The Bell 525 Relentless is  capable of carrying up to 16 passengers and traveling 400 nautical miles.

The Bell 525 Relentless was launched as a competitor to the Airbus Helicopters EC225 and Sikorsky S-92 aircraft used on long distance flights to oil & gas platforms.

Type: Bell 525 Relentless

Missions: Airborne Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue, Offshore, VIP, Corporate, EMS

First delivery: first flight is expected in 2014 with certification coming soon after

World fleet:  n/a

Category:  Twin Engine

Crunching the numbers


Maximum speed (Vne): ? kts ? km/hr

Maximum cruise speed (Vh): 140 kts 260 km/hr

Hover ceiling, In-Ground Effect (TOP): ? ft ? m

Hover ceiling, Out-of-Ground Effect (TOP): ? ft ? m

Service ceiling: ? ft ? m

Maximum Range: 400 nm/740 km


Maximum takeoff gross weight/Standard Internal gross weight: 18,000 lb 8,180 kg

Empty weight: ? lb ? kg

Useful load, standard: 4,000 lb 1,800 kg

Passengers (crew): 16 (two pilots)